Augmenting Artificial Intelligence by Crowds
Crowd-Empowered Solutions for Industry and Self-Learning Artificial Intelligence
Industry Solutions How It Works

Industry Solutions

Quality Operations

Quality control & process supervison by crowds.

Get Crowdees for near-time process supervision, quality estimation, assessment of performance.

AI Improvement & Learning

Boost the performance of your AI systems to 100%!

Get Crowdees for data preparation, real-time supervision, quality control and success evaluation.

Digital Service and Automation

Automation in Customer Service and Analytics

Get Crowdees for customer service, ticketing, e-learning and user preference mining.

Data Collections & Studies

Crowd-data acquisition and insights.

Get Crowd for audio, video, text, geodata, attitudes, preferences, market and consumer insights.


Crowds for Chat and Chatbot

We therefore qualify and train custom crowds, i.e. naive, experts, segmented, profiled, skilled...

Whether you need to extract information, compile questions-answer pairs, re-style or re-phrase wording, consolidate or simplify information, evaluate performance or automatize your knowledge update processes - Crowdee knows how to do it!


Crowds for AI Incubation

We get your AI started by creating dedicated kick-off AI-training data for you!

Whether you need to prepare AI training by test scenarios through custom test scenarios using imperfect AI, you need to monitor and channel inaccurate processes by crowd supervision, or direct human traffic for data collection or UX and performance analyzes - Crowdee knows how to do it!


Crowds for Quality Operations

Quality is key for successful solution design!

Whether you need a large-scale human performance analysis of your AI-systems or beta-algorithms, you need quality assessments of your audio video or web-data, or you need to label subjective opinions, styles, contents for categories or compliance - Crowdee knows how to do it!


Crowds for Customer Service

Automatize customer service by knowledge and communication procedures!

Whether you need to cover the variety of customer queries on the phone, native expressions in speech and text or the incubation of automated customer support by training voice-portals or chatbots with your target group - Crowdee knows how to do it!

How It Works

1. Create task

Set up your requirements, tasks, study project, survey or qualification request.

2. Choose Platform

Select device, platform, schedule, recurrence, etc.

3. Select Crowd

Select target group, segmentation, location, memberships, etc.

4. Get results

Get results and data for further processing

Why Crowdee?

We understand science.

More than 11 years expertise in cutting-edge scientific work.

We understand crowds.

More than 5 years experience with high-quality large-scale crowd solutions.

We understand AI.

More than 7 year experience with cutting edge algorithms and analyses.

We understand innovation.

Creation of joint industrial workflows incorporating both Crowd and AI.

We understand the industry.

More than 4 years of successfuly industry solution design.


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