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The goal of achieving high degree process automation automatically calls for high-quality process-specific algorithms, which include artificial intelligence dedicated to the exact procedures and requirements of your company. We know, companies and requirements are unique! Consequently, custom high-quality solutions need to be created according to your specifications, when off-the-shelf solutions do not apply. How to define “high quality“, “performance“, and “efficiency”, as well as how to create robust measurements allowing to assess “quality” from people and data at hand, together with solutions on how to cope with inefficient, imperfect or beta-stage automation processes and AI components that may just fail on regular bases are only few of the challenges at hand.


At Crowdee, we offer top and high-quality expert’s metrics for a high number AI components and their actual performance evaluation. But even if automated measuring fails or cannot be applied, we do have a solution for you! When algorithms fail, near-, and real-time process supervision by crowds help to bridge the gap in very short time. Even more, our crowds streamline and supervise imperfect AI processes at the time they are running, while in parallel laying the basics for future learning from the collected crowd data we generate. Our monitoring solution shows the truth about your performance in comparison to competitors, so you exactly know where you stand.

Why Crowdee

You can be assured to trust in our solutions because we know what we are doing. With more than 9 years experience with high-quality large-scale crowd solutions, internationally acknowledged outstanding expertise in bias prevention and motivation steering in the core of crowd-source exploitation, we do know the factors of successful high-quality solution manufacturing. Moreover, with more than 8 years experience in cutting edge algorithms, AI and AI analyses we exactly understand the shape and characteristics of the data needed for your processes. Finally, more than 11 years experience in international scientific work and our considerable number of internationally acknowledged publications confirms trust in our mission, valued by our customers.

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