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While crowd-sourcing has been hailed as a scalable and valuable source to consolidate contributions from, the actual nature and biases of this source have rarely been understood by current solutions provider. Getting just any result out of a crowd does by no means give you insights or valuable data for further processing. By default, crowds could be strongly biased. Contributions could be unmotivated and void, noise inside disturbs learning algorithms and naivety towards specific requirements on crowd skills, quality control, target data, and segment characteristics and perhaps learning algorithm bias leads to fuzzy outcomes and tied hands for further optimizations based on the contributions. Especially user satisfaction, user experience related assessments, preferences, and attitudes are oftentimes biased in the mere feedback creation steps long before analytics may digest any insight out of the studies. Finally, market and segment-specific studies and collections do require comprehensive and quality-assured processing on consumer feedback consolidation.


At Crowdee, we offer one of the world’s largest crowds as-a-service. According to your requirements, we execute segmentation, qualification, skill-verification, and assessments in order to offer your custom crowd on demand and as-a-service. We know how to motivate, steer, keep from biases and qualify crowds to eventually produce real-world high-quality data and insights in any scale. Our complex solutions extract knowledge from any source (web, databases, crowd-wisdom, etc.) and connect all pieces in order to build optimal data collections. Applying crowd-loops and external expert review on various layers and during various processing steps we guarantee the highest quality and purest data, be it for user studies, preference testing, feedback collections, market overview and comparison, information extraction, data collection tasks or in order to harness, exploit and integrate the wisdom and workforce of the crowd in your systems.

Why Crowdee

You can be assured to trust in our solutions because we exactly know what we are doing. With more than 9 years experience with high-quality large-scale crowd solutions, internationally acknowledged outstanding expertise in bias prevention and motivation steering in the core of crowd-sourced exploitation, we do know the factors of successful high-quality solution manufacturing. Moreover, with more than 8 years experience in cutting edge algorithms, AI and AI analyses we exactly understand the shape and characteristics of the data needed for your processes. Finally, more than 11 years experience in international scientific work and our considerable number of internationally acknowledged publications confirm trust in our mission, valued by our customers.

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