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The goal of achieving high degree process automation in digital customer service automatically calls for high-quality process-specific and domain-specific algorithms and databases. Automated services and artificial intelligence enter the place, but can never be successful unless streamlined to the exact procedures and requirements at hand dealing with the exact data and customer segments that your production systems process every day. Regardless if you need to generate a learning corpus for a chatbot, for intent matching, for e-learning or information extraction algorithms – we understand both words, the AI needs and specs as well as derived requirements to learning data creation and process alignment. But all of this expert knowledge lacks essential real-world applicability without the augmentation into the real world and the sourcing of real users to deliver real training examples and real user preferences when you target not just any halfway-working solution, but a real “high quality” solution.


At Crowdee, we offer one of the world’s largest trained and qualified crowds as-a-service. We know how to motivate, steer, keep from biases and qualify crowds to eventually produce real-world high-quality data and insights, optimized for applications of machine learning and artificial intelligence. If your customers are diffuse, we extract concepts and intents, ready-made for complex customer service systems. Our solutions extract knowledge from any source (web, databases, crowd-wisdom) and connects all pieces in order to build optimal question-answer pairs or knowledge bases for chat and chatbots, customer feedback, e-learning modules or qualifications for new expert processes. Finally, our supervision and safeguard solutions for AI augmentation assure soft landing of newly created automated processes and analyzes, managing and correcting errors and incidences in parallel to the introduction of new processes while collecting all data needed to prepare fully automated procedures.

Why Crowdee

You can be assured to trust in our solutions because we exactly know what we are doing. With more than 9 years experience with high-quality large-scale crowd solutions, internationally acknowledged outstanding expertise in bias prevention and motivation steering in the core of crowd-source exploitation, we do know the factors of successful high-quality solution manufacturing. Moreover, with more than 8 years experience in cutting edge algorithms, AI and AI analyses we exactly understand shape and characteristics of the data needed for your processes. Finally, more than 11 years experience in international scientific work and our considerable number of internationally acknowledged publications confirms trust in our mission, valued by our customers.

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